Lucinda Belle Keynote Speaker

"Nobody lights up a room like Lucinda. I know dozens of insanely talented musical professionals, but Lucinda is unique: with warmth, wit, and a twinkle of mischief, she connects with hearts and minds in a way very few do or can. She's one of the most innately musical people I've ever known." Mike Hawley [Founder & Creator of EG Conference]

Lucinda is not only making a name for herself with her musical performance but also as a keynote speaker. 

April, 2017

"Love this talk/performance! It's wonderful to see this sort of experimental, playful and heartfelt experience come to life, Lucinda is a rare talent. You could tell this was new and different for her to share her personal journey instead of a classic performance style setup. Her deeper insights and discoveries, in terms of what inspired her and continues to push her were beautiful and thoughtful." [Mickey Mcmanus Research Fellow, Autodesk & Chairman of MAYA Design]

Speaking Style
Personal, Authentic, entertaining. Lucinda draws on her personal story to elaborate on themes.  She rocks the crowd and surprises them with how she performs with her instrument.  She can inspire and engage large audiences to collaborate with her, singing in 3 part harmony.  Lucinda connects with audiences meaningfully and will leave them uplifted, captivated, and marvelling from the experience.

Lucinda Belle Sample Keynote Topics

Collaboration Without Boundaries

Music - Thinking Outside The Box

Taking The Road Less Travelled